BOKS offers several different training options to suit your needs. We offer virtual and in-person workshops for large groups as well as multiple self-guided trainings and previously recorded trainings that can be found on our Trainer Hub. Be sure to sign up for BOKS to gain access to our trainings.  BOKS Training options are FREE, and you will come away from them with new and engaging ideas to keep kids active!



By filling out this quick request form, we will learn a little more about YOU and what you are looking for in a BOKS training.  We may not always be able to provide a virtual or in-person training, but we will be able to point you to a previously recorded training and a BOKS team member to support you and your BOKS program.




Our most popular and evidence based resource! The BOKS physical activity plans (“Functional Fitness”) are designed so that all participants are continuously moving with moderate to vigorous intensity for at least 20  to  30  minutes  during  class.  This session will provide Trainers with strategies on how to successfully implement the Functional Fitness lesson plans.  Trainers will also walk away with tips on how to keep kids in constant motion starting from warm-up until the end of class game. This training will cover each component of the BOKS class: set up, class meeting, warm-up,  running related activity, functional fitness skill of the week, BOKS game, cool down and BOKS Bit (nutrition component).

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This is one of the most popular BOKS resource offerings- by far! Bursts are 1-10 minute activities intended to offer movement breaks to kids throughout the day. They are transferable to almost any environment, easily modifiable, and super fun. With over 200 activities to choose from, you’ll be able to find endless ways to get kids 6-14 moving, at any time of the day. Bursts are excellent for transitions during classes or for breaks and are super useful in helping kids get their wiggles out. This session will introduce BOKS Bursts and how to make the most out of this resource in your environment.

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Dive into the free BOKS (Build Our Kids’ Success) Junior Leadership program, which provides school communities with everything needed to kickstart a student-led BOKS Burst (short movement break) program. This program is supported by instructional videos, a step-by-step training guide and additional Burst resources specifically for student leaders. This session will provide teachers with valuable strategies to provide their students with key leadership opportunities and empower them to make lasting change. We’ll review how to get a program started, how to get Junior Leaders excited to lead Bursts, and showcase some creative ways different Junior Leadership groups have implemented the program!

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