Jakarta's Kids are Keeping a Healthy Journal

The Build Our Kids Success (BOKS) curriculum was applied during sports class at the school by Restu, a sports teacher from an elementary school in East Jakarta. In addition to introducing engaging physical activities, he came up with creative ways to raise kids' knowledge of the benefits of leading active, healthy lives. Among his strategies was assigning the task of maintaining a health log for the students. Some students came to the realization that they could keep up their eating habits, sleeping schedules, and exercise routines as a result of this project.

Restu is a sports teacher from an elementary school in EastJakarta who participated in the Build Our Kids Success (BOKS) project training in 2023. After the training, Restu implemented the BOKS material during sports class time at school. He introduced fun physical activities for students and also created innovative ways to build awareness of active and healthy lifestyles among students. One of his methods was to give students the assignment of keeping a healthy journal.

Restu taught his students to keep healthy journals.

"Last week, I asked the students to make a journal containing what food and drink they consumed and their activity schedule from sleep to exercise," said Restu.

All fifth-grade students completed theassignment requested by their PE teacher. Through this assignment, some students realized that they can maintain their diet, sleep patterns, and physical activity patterns.

I've been drinking water all week," said Elena, showing her journal.
Elena and her healthy journal

Faiq said that he never forgets to have breakfast so he can always have energy at school. However, some students still have diets that are high in sugar, salt, and fat, sleep for less than eight hours, and have low physical activity levels.

Restu explained that his intention behind giving the healthy journal assignment was to make students aware that if they already have a healthy and active lifestyle, they must maintain it. For those who don't, they can change it. He also believes that students will understand a healthy lifestyle much more easily if they start implementing it themselves. Restu believes that children are the most effective agents of change as long as they are given the right methods and always accompanied. Furthermore, students can influence each other, which can help in the transfer of insight regarding healthy lifestyles.

Author: Donna Marietha (BOKS Project team member in Jakarta)